»Forrest of Life«
for the rest of your life.
» I love the forest and I believe in its magical and positive effects on well-being, which is also essential for a good, youthful, fresh and healthy look. For the formulation of cosmetics “Forrest of Life” I used most of the ingredients from the forest, because I want to bring you closer to the higher level of forest sensation and the positive psychological impact of the forest on man. “Brigita Oblak, the owner and inventor of the natural luxury cosmetics » Forrest of Life «

I am Brigita Oblak, Master of Forestry Engineer, with golden recognition in chemistry and completed 70 hours of intensive course of formulation of natural cosmetics. I am also a mummy 2 year old Vorancu and my wife’s wonderful Jaku. I have been admiring and respecting the nature that inspires me at every step since I was little. My first and great love is the forest. In my free time for 15 years, I have been harvesting herbs, reading books on herbs, foresting as an ecosystem, and I have learned about it in the course of my studies.

Love to the forest brought me to natural cosmetics. Forrest of Life is a luxury hand made cosmetics in Slovenia. All Forrest of Life cosmetic products are made from only the finest natural ingredients. I tried to incorporate as many ingredients as possible from the pure and unspoiled forest, and the products do not contain ingredients of animal origin. They are designed with the idea of ​​feeding, rejuvenating and enriching the skin of users and at the same time offering them complete relaxation.

By using the Forrest of Life products you will feel the freshness of the forest, enriched with many nutritious and essential oils.

Cosmetics meets all required standards in the field of natural cosmetics. The products are suitable for the care of healthy skin as well as for sensitive, mature or problematic skin. Treat your skin only for the best!

– handmade Slovenian natural cosmetics

– also suitable for sensitive skin

– natural substances

– products are not tested on animals